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Anonymous:Woodward is talking about the World Cup series. Don't be ignorant.

It literally says world champion which is the title of someone who won gold at a world CHAMPIONships

July 23 | 5:04 | 2♥

I never thought of myself as the girl in the bikini.


"Dream until your dreams come true."

Spot the error

July 22 | 8:36 | 37♥


is he ok

*cries continuously forever*

July 22 | 8:29 | 1♥

TF Leo Details - Jordyn Wieber - USA Gymnastics

Haha I know (she looked so happy in the BTR aswell ) and I want that for her but like WHYYYYYYYY:( lovingymnastics

July 22 | 8:20 | 1♥

I watched it MONTHS ago but whenever I’m alone for too long I either feel like shit cuz life or that If she came back last year she would have at least two to three more world medals (if not four) lovingymnastics

July 22 | 8:17 | 1♥

Watching the Jordyn BTR was the worst decision ever

July 22 | 8:12 | 4♥


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Natsumi Sasada 2014 Japanese Nationals  :D :D :D I love that mount to muuuch.