"Our Greatest Glory Is Not In Never Falling, But in Rising After We Fall"


Great gymnast-coach relationships

A series by mostepanovagym.

1. Mckayla Maroney and Arthur Akopyan

I love them

Anonymous:I heard mckayla maroney fell from the high bar and hit the low bar on her thighs .... Another injury for Mac? Any news on her status?

She’s fine I’d imagine

July 28 | 4:30


"their version of the european championships, the pacific rim championships"

matt no

they made some very stupid comments


When it first goes in


It’s not her accent even it’s just the things she says coco-vaughn

July 28 | 1:34

Haha I’m watching it on BBC and Beth is like talking to in the studio and it’s bloody painful

July 28 | 1:32

Tbh Beth is a terrible commentator

July 28 | 1:22 | 2♥

I can’t bring myself to like Louis Smith

July 28 | 1:14 | 3♥

Dan Keatings is SOO fucking hot

July 28 | 12:53

Is BBC showing any WAG??

July 28 | 12:51

“These Commonwealth team finals are already irritating the living Jesus out of me. What on earth is the point of making the gymnasts perform half their routines one day, and the other half the next? It strips all tension and rhythm and sense out of the competition. Never have I been so frustrated.”

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The Trinidad and Tobago (?) booty shirts give me life

July 28 | 8:58


I’m Irish so it’s on TV

July 28 | 8:46

YAAASSS Mitch fenner is commentating

July 28 | 8:45

It’s on TV here candycoateddoom

July 28 | 8:44 | 1♥