"Our Greatest Glory Is Not In Never Falling, But in Rising After We Fall"

Big 4 AA More difficult programmes


The D-scores are from their more recent competition.

1- Iordache - VT5.8 UB6.2 BB7.2 FX6.5 = 25.7
2- Biles - VT6.3 UB5.7 BB6.6 FX6.5 = 25.1
3- Yao - VT5.8 UB7.0 BB6.5 FX5.7 = 25.0
4- Shang - VT5.0 UB6.7 BB6.7 FX6.3 = 24.7
5- Aliya - VT5.8 UB6.3 BB6.7 FX5.8 = 24.6
6- Kharenkova - VT5.0 UB5.7 BB7.0 FX6.0 = 23.7
7- Ross - VT5.8 UB5.9 BB6.0 FX5.7 = 23.4

If you notice a mistake let me know.

Just like to mention that Aliya could go up by at least 7 tenths

Fake or not, It is a personal matter! invasion of privacy! and it is unfortunate that this has become public.


It doesn’t really matter If they’re 100% fake or not! the face is real! and the face in those pictures is a 17 years old McKayla Maroney! therefore underage which means anyone publishing (or linking) them can be charged with child pornography. It’s a federal crime!

Slogan Idea


The Gymternet: We DONT Distribute Child Porn to Other Minors

Anonymous:It's just ashame that mckayla maroney has well over 700k followers. Whats this world come to? To support a gymnast that has always posted questionable photos is a disgrace.

I was saving this question for a time that I had the time to type a huge big rant but I have decided to just say:

September 2 | 6:45 | 8♥

TMZ Is Trying To Say All The Pics Of McKayla Are Real >=/





Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney says she was under 18 when the hacked nude photos of her were taken … and now she’s taking legal action against several porn sites that reposted the images.

TMZ has learned one of Maroney’s attorneys fired off a letter to Porn.com … informing the site that…

annnd everyone commenting on there is blaming McKayla/ asking why she isn’t being arrested for child pornography… people are actual idiots.

I got through the first page of comments before I felt like punching something. I think I saw 2 comments from people defending her. IF the pics are real, she can take whatever pics she wants of herself. Why aren’t people blaming the hackers?! My God..

right!? and people were saying “if she was underage then why was she taking pictures like this?” cause God forbid a teenager feel confident about themselves or their body. and idiots these photos were STOLEN! she didn’t upload them to her instagram…


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Aliya Mustafina after every competition probably

September 2 | 2:40 | 26♥

“It wasn’t my intention to win medals here”

Aliya Mustafina after winning 4 golds and a silver at the Russian Cup (via tsarinamustafina)

Oh sorry this was a complete mistake

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She’s so…. Long

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McKayla Maroney’s Amanars (2010-2013)

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Queen Aliya [x]

"I’m sorry peasant can’t hear you down there"

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Mckayla Maroney

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McKayla Maroney - watercolour edit

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